25. Solitary –

[A] Sociable

[B] Combined

[C] Lonely

[D] Ordinary

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ANSWER: Option(C).

MEMORY: Solitary means someone who has no companion or uncrowded place.

26. Resemblance –

[A] Contrast

[B] Divergence

[C] Coincidence

[D] Unlikeness

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ANSWER: Option(C).

MEMORY: Resemblance means the state of being alike or similar to each other.

27. Prodigal –

[A] Thrifty

[B] Restrained

[C] Frugal

[D] Spendthrift

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ANSWER: Option(D).

MEMORY: Prodigal means someone who spends money heavily or recklessly.

28. Prolific –

[A] Barren

[B] Fertile

[C] Unproductive

[D] Sterile

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ANSWER: Option(B).

MEMORY: Prolific means soil or land capable of producing abundant crops or vegetation.

29. Obsolete –

[A] Outdated

[B] Conventional

[C] Customary

[D] Modern

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ANSWER: Option(A).

MEMORY: Obsolete means something which is no longer in use or has expired.

30. Anonymous –

[A] Unnatural

[B] Named

[C] Nameless

[D] Identified

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ANSWER: Option(C).

MEMORY: Anonymous means, something/someone which is not identified by name or of unknown name.