7. Trivial –

[A] Pertinent

[B] Worthwhile

[C] Negligible

[D] Significant

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ANSWER: Option(C).

MEMORY: Trivial meaning, something having little value or importance.

8. Harmonious –

[A] Discordant

[B] Amicable

[C] Harsh

[D] Dissonant

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ANSWER: Option(B).

MEMORY: Harmonious meaning something which is not discordant or tuneful.

9. Fickle –

[A] Steady

[B] Reliable

[C] Unstable

[D] Cognizant

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ANSWER: Option(C).

MEMORY: Fickle meaning something which is changing frequently, especially as regarded one’s loyalties or affectious.

10. Indispensable –

[A] Essential

[B] Unnecessary

[C] Superfluous

[D] Auxilary

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ANSWER: Option(A).

MEMORY: Indispensable meaning something which is absolutely necessary.

11. Prudent –

[A] Indiscrete

[B] Unreasonable

[C] Frugal

[D] Incautious

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ANSWER: Option(C).

MEMORY: Prudent meaning something that acting with or showing care and thought for the future.

12. Chaos –

[A] Creadence

[B] Harmony

[C] Tidiness

[D] Disarray

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ANSWER: Option(D).

MEMORY: Chaos means, complete disorder and confusion.