Your privcay is very important to us and we take it very seriously.

1. What is privacy policy ?

Privacy policy is a legal disclosure, where every website on the internet provides an elaborate information about what information they collect, store, and use about their visitors and why.

2. Do we use third party websites or services ?

Answer is yes. Because, to improve site’s performance, to deliver contents as smoothly as possible, to protect our our site from dengerous hackers and to offer various services to our visitors, such as newsletter service, we have to rely on third party websites and their services. Few examples are, cloudflare, google, mailchimp, etc.

Apart from, collecting, storing, and using your data by us, third party websites or services can also store, collect and use your data while we are using their websites or services.

Note: Remember third party and partner websites may also set and read cookies on your device.


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3. What information we collect and why ?

We do not collect information from our visitors intentionally, unless it is truly need for proper functioning of website and to deliver particular services to our visitors.

We have to depend on many technologies, such as, 1. Cookies, 2. Web beacons, 3. Tracking pixels, 4. Google analytics, 5. Fingerprinting and so on.

These technologies can collect, store, and use your data ( for instance, information you give us voluntarily such as, when you are subscribing our newsletter service, when you are filling up form for making comment or when you are puchasing something from our site and these are the information we collect without your knowledge such as, cookies, web beacons, tracking pixels, etc) to improve your digital experience, to deliver personalized contents or services, to show you interest based ads, and to improve our site’s features and functionality.

N.B: We use above mentioned technologies to improve our users digital experience, to deliver user specific contents, for showing prefered advertisements and to enhance overall functionality and performance of our site.

If you think these technologies may cause you harm, You should immediately refrain from visiting or using our services.

4. What are cookies ?

Cookies are small text file that store on your device while you are accessing, or using our services.

Cookies are used to remember user preferences, and to deliver personalized experience as well as to gain information for advertising.

N.B: For more information on http cookie, you can visit the following text link.

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5. What control you have over cookies ?

If you are worrying about cookies and want to block them, there are many ways to do so. As almost, every browser (No matter what browser you are using currently) provides a way to manipulate them easily by using their settings (not only that, you can also view what cookies already have installed on your device).

If you wish, you can block individual cookies separately or all of them or conditionally allow only a particular site to set and read cookies on your device.

However, if you choose to block all cookies, then most of the sites on the internet (including us) may malfunctioning. As, cookies play an important role for proper functioning of internet, web and their services and also help websites to remember some cetain steps on behalf of users. Such as, whether a user is currently logged in, in online shopping helps to remember what products users have put in cart, in page navigation it helps back and forth of pages, and also to remember user preferences.

We just listed here few usage of cookies, there are many more beyond this although. So, therefore, it is clear that, cookies are crucial part of Internet and web.

However, now we’ll provide you with few links for manipulating cookies on some most commonly used browsers.

a. Cookie settings for Internet Explorer

b. Cookie settings for Firefox

c. Cookie settings for Chrome

d. Cookie settings for Safari

Instruction: Copy the green color texts above, and paste it in the address bar on your browser one by one.

6. What are web beacons ?

A web beacon is a small tag placed on a website or in an email to track how the user interacts with the content. The beacon is usually a clear 1-pixel by 1-pixel transparent image placed within the webpage’s code. N.B: For more information on web beacon, you can visit the following wikipedia page about it. Just copy the following green text and paste it in the address bar on your browser.

N.B: For other similar technologies, such as, tracking pixels, finger printing, etc. You can search with that term on google or search for appropriate wikipedia pages about them.

7. Do we use Cloudflare ?

Yes, we use cloudflare for various reasons, 1. to cache static contens such as, images, pdf, mp3, mp4, documents etc on their edge servers for faster serving. 2. to protect our site from various malicius intruders. 3. for getting insights about our site’s traffic and so on.

To know more about how cloudflare process and manage users data, visit the following green text by copying and pasting it in the address bar on your browser.

8. Do we use Google Analytics ?

Yes, we use google analytics for various purposes, such as, for knowing about our visitors geographical location, their interaction, time to stay, and so on.

For more information about google analytics, visit the following text link.

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9. Do we use Google Adsense ?

Yes, we do use google adsense for financial support to run this website by placing advertisements on our web pages.

Google uses advertising cookies that enables google and its partners to serve ads to our visitors based on their visiting on our site.

Although, a user can opt out of personalized ads easily by visiting google’s ad setting page at the following URL.

Visit google’s ad setting page

To know about how google process data in Ad Manager and Ad Exchange visit the following text link.

To know about how google manages data in its ads products, visit the following text link.

For more information on google adsense visit

To know about google’s privacy policy visit the following link.

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10. Your consent to us:

When you are visiting or using our services, you are explicitly giving us your consent to comply with all these policies listed here.

11. Are these privacy policies subject to change ?

Yes, these privacy policies are subject to change. Because, we often experiment with new features by installing new plugins or using third party services to improve our site’s performance and functionality. Those policies will also reflect here. That’s why, we strongly advice you to visit this page from time to time to acquainted with those policies also.

N.B: If you need further assistance regarding this privacy policy or for any query, you can email us at the following email address.

[email protected]

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To know about our disclaimer, visit Disclaimer

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