List of Sports and Associated Terminologies

List of Sports and Terminology

Memorizing various sport names and associated terms with those sports is an important step for every students and aspirants especially who are taking part in competitive exams. Because, we often see question appeared from this part of general knowledge. So, memorizing them thoroughly can help you secure good marks and to change your fortune. However, below list is equally useful for those who frequently takes part in open quiz contest also.

Here, we have tried to put together some common sports and associated terminologies for the benefit of students and aspirants. The sport names are arranged alphabetically and emphasized more on those terms which are more frequently appeared in various competitive exams across the country.

Note: Students and viewers are requested to bookmark this page for future reference. So that, they can come back on this page in future easily for call to mind again. Because, memorizing all the terms at a stretch a bit difficult and moreover there are strong possibility that you may forget them very soon.

SI.NoSport NamesTerminologies
1.Basket ballRing, Turn over, Dribbling, Hook pass, Pivoting, Travelling, Shifting, Dead ball, Feinting, Dodging, Pack
2.BadmintonSet point, Smash, Forward stroke, Backward stroke, First hand, Second hand, Drop shot, Duce, Setting, Drive, Cross shot, Net fault
3.BaseballHome run, Pitcher, Strike, Diamond, Home
4.BilliardsIn off, Bolting, Hazard, Cue, Jigger, Pot, Cans, Break pot
5.BoxingBounce, Belt, Ring, Knock out, Knock down, Punch, Hook, Upper cut, Break, Bell, Round
6.ChessStalemate, Bishop, Checkmate, Gambit, Pawn, Grandmaster
7.CricketLeg bye, Power play, Pitch, Silly point, Googly, Duck, Over throw, Yorker, Swing, Stroke, Cover, Snick, Wide, Third man, Bumper, Appeal, Bye, LBW(Leg Before Wicket), Cover
8.FootballTie breaker, Kick off, Sweeper, Off side, Hand ball, Direct kick, Corner kick, Sudden death, Full back, Abbey, Dribble, Striker, Referee
9.GolfThe green, Caddy, Put hole, T, Bogie, Iron, Bunker
10.HockeyCarry, Advantage, Flick, Roll in, Push in, Scoop, Under cutting, Striking circle, Melee
11.Kho KhoTrapping, Diving, Runners, Chasers, Dupe turn, Tapping
12.Lawn TennisDouble fault, Deuce, Foot fault, Love, A let, Back hand drive, Grand slam
13.PoloChunker, Mallet, Bunker
14.SwimmingTwist, Crawl, Butter fly, Spring board
15.Rifle ShootingMuzzle flub, Bulls eye, Target
16.Table TennisHalf court, Side spin, Drop shot, Lob, Flat hit, Foil, Top spin, Chopped return, Reverse, Rally, Push stroke
17.Volley BallForearm pass, Dribbling, Smash, Front zone players, Net fault, Blocking
18.WrestlingNelson, Rebuts, Heave, Hold sager
19.Water PoloPersonal, Caps, 2 meter line, Ball under, Goal line

Note: If we had left out any sports name mistakenly, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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