Whether be it Private or government exam, if the exams is non-technical based then there is strong possibility one can see questions asked from various sports and associated terms section.

Because, It’s a part of almost all competitive exams conducted throughout the country. However, familiar with different sports and terms, one can build strong zone in general knowledge section.

Here, we have listed some important sports and terminology which were appeared in various previous competitive exams across the country. The best part is that, students need not to memorise all the terms and at the same time will save precious time.

If one study our collection thoroughly (From top to bottom), he/she might be able to give answer correctly 3 out of 5 questions asked from this section.

So, keep reading patiently untill the end.

Rifle ShootingTarget, Bulls eye
GolfBogie, T, Iron, Bunker
Kho-KhoChaser, Diving, Tapping, Trapping
ChessBishop, Gambit, Checkmate, Stalemate, Pawn, Grand master
SwimmingCrawl, Spring Board, Twist, Butter fly
BaseballHome, Diamond, Pitcher, Strike
WrestlingNelson, Rebuts,
BilliardsJigger, Pot, Break pot, In Luck, Hazard
BoxingUpper cut, Knock down, Knock out, Ring, Belt, Bounce, Hook, Break
Lawn TennisVolley, Half volley, Chip shot, Grand slam, Love, Slice, Smash, Service
PoloBunker, Chuker, Mallet
Water PoloPersonal, Fault, Caps
BadmintonCourt, End, Clear, Smash, Cross shot, Drive, Duce, Rally, First hand, Second hand, Let, Toss, Lob, Setting, Double fault,
BasketballDribbling, Foul, Violation, Turn Over, Pivoting, Shooting, Throw, Dead ball
Table TennisFoil, Top spin, Reverse, Back spin, Flat hit, Push stroke
HockeyBully, Carry, Flick, Free hit, Tackling, Roll in, Push in, Stick, Melee, Green Card
VolleyballAntennae, Boosting, Set up, Blocking, Net fault, Dribbling, Rotation, Attack hit
Table1: List of Important Sports and Terminology

Our Recommendation:

From the above list, we recommend Students to focus more on sports, such as, Rifle shooting, Chess, Swimming, Baseball, Wrestling, Billiards, Boxing, Water polo.

It has been seen, terminology associated with our recommended sports appeared much more than the other.

As not all sports listed above are equally important and this experiment we have accomplished through various past questions paperback.

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