As we all know that computer science is a crucial part of as good as all competitive exams. Therefore, one can not avoid it.

Because, roughly 5% to 8% on an average (this may vary according to mode of exam although) questions may appear from this section. So, having great knowledge in this field is important for every student who are going to sit for upcoming competitive exams.

Perhaps, 5% to 8% might seems very little but in actual it’s not that little, as single number can play a vital role and can go a long way in determining one’s rank in competitive exams.

However, here we have tried to arrange chapterwise questions and answers, not only that we select questions strategically (For example, we select those questions which were appeared in various previous competitive exams) so that, each student can focuses on important questions rather than random reading.

This will drastically reduce unnecessary time and at the same time can saves a lot of precious time to employ for other sections as well.

Here we have simplified for visitors by gathering all related posts under one place.

Our coverage at a glance:

  • Top 40+ Basic Computer MCQs (More is coming)
  • 10 Important Operating System MCQs (More is coming)
  • 10 Web Browser MCQs (More is coming)
  • Top 15+ Computer Networking MCQs (More is coming)
  • 10 Computer Generation MCQs (More is coming)

Here is a list of important computer chapters:

  1. Basic Computer
  2. Operating System
  3. Web Browser
  4. Computer Generation
  5. Computer Network

For list of english chapter-wise questions and answers visit the below link:


Note: More subject-wise questions and answers are coming very soon.