26. Yearn –

[A] Desire

[B] Loathe

[C] Wish

[D] Thirst

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ANSWER: Option(B).

MEMORY: Yearn means have an intense feeling or longing for something.

27. Acrimonious –

[A] Bitter

[B] Sarcastic

[C] Harsh

[D] Sweet

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ANSWER: Option(D).

MEMORY: Acrimonious means having angry or bitter feeling about a speech or discussion.

28. Brazen –

[A] Ashamed

[B] Bold

[C] Shameless

[D] Immodest

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ANSWER: Option(A).

MEMORY: Brazen means, endure an embarrassing or difficult situation by behaving with apparent confidence and lack of shame.

29. Aversion –

[A] Reluctant

[B] Affection

[C] Disgust

[D] Hostility

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ANSWER: Option(B).

MEMORY: Aversion means, having a strong dislike or disinclination on something.

30. Hostility –

[A] Animosity

[B] Enmity

[C] Sympathy

[D] Malice

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ANSWER: Option(C).

MEMORY: Hostility means, not showing sympathetic behaviour to others.