21. Sporadic –

[A] Occasional

[B] Infrequent

[C] Irregular

[D] Frequent

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ANSWER: Option(D).

MEMORY: Sporadic means, occurring at irregular interval.

22. Sovereign –

[A] Ruler

[B] Monarch

[C] Servant

[D] Emperor

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ANSWER: Option(C).

MEMORY: Sovereign means, a supreme ruler especially a monarch.

23. Tranquility –

[A] Peace

[B] Disturbance

[C] Silence

[D] Calmness

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ANSWER: Option(B).

MEMORY: Tranquility means, the quality or state of being calm.

24. Vivacious –

[A] Spritless

[B] Animated

[C] Spirited

[D] Buoyant

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ANSWER: Option(A).

MEMORY: Vivacious means, something attractively lively and animated.

25. Yield –

[A] Surrender

[B] Capitulate

[C] Pull through

[D] Relent

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ANSWER: Option(C).

MEMORY: Yield means, grow or produce something.